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Internet, advanced communications and analysing the digital universe, keys to the work of implements multiple programmes to promote digital transformation in Spain. However, the Spanish Government has also assigned other tasks to the entity related to Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs). These include managing “.es” domains, RedIRIS and ONTSI.

As the national authority entrusted with assigning and managing “.es” domain names, has a team dedicated to ensure optimum operation. It is important to emphasise that “.es” is the domain most identified with our country, the Spanish language and Hispanic culture. In fact, “.es” is the most commonly used domain in Spain, with registrations already exceeding 1.8 million.

All actions are carried out in accordance with the guidelines set out by the Spanish Government and in compliance with the ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names & Numbers) in addition to international market guidelines.

The goal is for “.es” to be an international benchmark for the Spanish language, to be used massively by Internet sites with Spanish contents, in a world of over 400 million Spanish-speaking people.

On the other hand, has also been entrusted with managing RedIRIS, the Spanish academic and research network that has been providing advanced communication services to its over 500 affiliated institutions, primarily universities and public research centres, since it was founded in 1988.

In order to provide users with the best possible connectivity and to keep abreast of the latest telematic services, RedIRIS cooperates with other academic and research networks regional and international. Examples of these include the pan-European academic network GÉANT, which is jointly managed by RedIRIS and through which it connects with other academic and research networks both in Spain and in other European countries, as well as with research networks on other continents.

The Spanish Observatory for Telecommunications and the Information Society (ONTSI) is also attached to Its mission is to monitor and analyse the Telecommunications and Information Society sector.

ONTSI prepares, collects, synthesises and systematises indicators, performs studies, and offers news and updates on the Information Society. It is currently the leading public observatory on this sector in Spain.