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This road map is part of the Digital Agenda for Spain

The 2017-2020 Strategic Plan contemplates implementing 80 digital transformation projects

The Strategic and Operational Plan for 2017-2020 of the public entity foresees the execution of 80 projects and involves major investments (€50 million in 2017 alone).

This document includes the mission to promote the digital transformation of Spanish society with innovative, structuring initiatives in collaboration with public and private partners.

The Strategic Plan is also based on significant objectives: to be a benchmark in digitalisation and technology transformation, excellence in internal management and the design and execution of programmes, and digitalisation. All these principles are the reason behind the entity, focusing on society, companies and public administrations. 

As part of the Government’s Digital Agenda and as an entity dependent on the Ministry of Energy, Tourism and the Digital Agenda,, through the State Secretariat for the Information Society and the Digital Agenda, takes on an active and particularly relevant role by managing two of the 10 existing plans (ICT Plan for SMEs and e-Commerce and Public Digital Services Plan), while also taking part in the remaining plans.

The strategic plan is based on four major focal points. The first is to promote the digital ecosystem, with special emphasis on innovative ecosystems, digitalising companies and digital talent.

The second focal point focuses on digital governance, with improved digital services for citizens and the Administration. Hub Digital is the third line of action and will entail developing new instruments to analyse, monitor and assess the digital transformation in Spain, as well as creating a Think & do Tank on digitalisation and technology transformation.

Finally, Digital Organization, the fourth focal point, includes key areas such as optimising internal management, people and economic stability.