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We work for digital convergence with Europe


Transparency and Good Governance advocates applying innovative techniques to implement transparency as a basis for any political action in favour of Spanish citizens. This is a fundamental and necessary step, which will be accompanied in the future by the State promoting and adhering to multilateral initiatives in this field, as well as signing existing international documents.

We believe that:
  • Access to public information and good governance regulations must be the cores of any political action.
  • Only when the actions of public officials are subject to scrutiny can citizens understand how the decisions that affect them are made, how public funds are managed, or under which criteria our institutions act. Only in this way can we speak of starting a process in which public powers begin to respond to a society that is critical, demanding and expects participation from its public powers.
  • Countries with higher levels of transparency and good governance regulations have stronger institutions that favour economic growth and social development. In these countries, citizens can better judge the capacity of their public officials and with more criteria, and decide accordingly. This promotes a better control of public activity, contributing to necessary democratic regeneration, promoting the efficiency and effectiveness of the State, and favouring economic growth.

Please send any queries to the transparency portal.